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A mattress is as personal as any other treasured personal belonging and should be protected so.

Mattress Cleaning in Jeddah

You spend about eight hours or more daily on your mattress. With regular usage over the years, your mattress becomes home to countless allergens, stains, bacteria, molds, and dust. Using your mattress for years without getting it deep cleaned can result in a build-up of all these unwanted elements and can cause poor indoor air quality.

Even with regular cleaning and vacuuming, these build-ups can stay lodged in the layers of your mattress. Therefore, to keep your bedroom clean and free of allergens, we recommend that you avail professional mattress cleaning service every 6 months. As the best mattress cleaners in Jeddah, we provide top-of-the-line deep cleaning services. Sanitation and other technologies used to deep clean mattress eliminate pathogens from within all surfaces and layers, keeping it healthy, clean and safe for much longer.

Why Clean It?

High levels of dust mites are often associated with the bedroom, triggering indoor air pollution and other health issues such as:




Itchy Eyes


How Do We Solve These Problems?

As a part of our professional mattress cleaning services in Jeddah, we offer a comprehensive set of procedures to ensure that your mattress is as clean and comfortable as new. Our trained team members expertly carry out the sanitization and vacuuming of your mattress to guarantee you a good night’s sleep on an allergen-free and clean mattress.

We offer a host of solutions through our bed mattress cleaning service to ensure that your bed becomes your safe haven you come home to after a long day at work. We follow a series of steps such as:

Deep Cleaning and Vacuuming

We use industrial grade vacuum which is much more powerful than the conventional household vacuum cleaner. It kills bed bugs and other living organisms in your mattress instantly. Premium grade mattress cleaner and mattress stain remover is used to deep clean mattress.

UV Sanitation

Our ultraviolet sanitation process uses the exclusive germicidal technology to provide thorough sanitization of your mattress.

Steam Sanitation

This process is used to steam clean mattress or for dry cleaning mattress. We dry steam your bed frame, pillows, and duvet. The steamer technology we use dries your mattress in seconds and leaving a clean and dry surface eliminating chances ofmold growth. In this process, we also deodorize the mattress to get rid of unpleasant odours and make your mattress new and shiny again.

Repeat Process

Getting your mattress cleaned twice a year is a good rule of thumb. A clean, cared for mattress does not only last longer, it guarantees a pleasant and great night’s sleep.

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